«The Gates Foundation for example, is strongly “pro-life,” which is one of the strongest arguments I can think of, for why philanthropists should instead be taxed and the funds they would have spent on their conception of the public good dispersed through democratic means, rather than allowing the personal opinions of an individual become de facto healthcare policy.»
I really like this blog post by @bgcarlisle.

@kensanata @bgcarlisle And if the democratic majority was “pro-life” while Gates Foundation being “anti-life”, would it be an argument for not taxing philanthropists’ property?

@KrzysiekJ @kensanata Please read the rest of the linked post, in which the point of that quote, which you have embarrassingly missed, is explained

In the future, please consider not jumping into a stranger's mentions in order to get on your favourite hobby-horse or be contrarian


Krzysztof Jurewicz

@bgcarlisle @kensanata Just assumed that if this kind of quote is made, then it probably shouldn’t need broader context to stand in a discussion.

The two mentions were the default behaviour of my Mastodon client and I don’t consider this wrong in these circumstances.

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