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A viral catchphrase of the Bulgarian socialist party from the past year is "Democracy took so much from us!"
Ask me about my political opinions 😄

Krzysztof Jurewicz @KrzysiekJ

@kunev They shouln’t be that disappointed with . According to Hans-Hermann , “Democracy is a soft variant of , and rarely in the history of ideas has it been taken for anything else.”

@KrzysiekJ as far as equality and freedoms go, democracy is quit the opposite of what Easter European socialist regimes had going on in the past century. There was really nothing democratic about the soviet union, or its satellite countries.
That led to a bunch of misconceptions of course. In the 90's "democracy" was considered a rightist thing here. In fact democracy is not really left or right. Far right and far left both can't exist with democracy in place, as it requires change over time.

@KrzysiekJ However far left and far right both insist they will install a permanent order that will hold forever and never change its course. That's probably the biggest issue with extremes, even if you look over their issues with human rights and freedoms, you still have to deal with the fact they're inherently unstable and (on a historical scale) short-lived as they refuse to acknowledge policies will need change over time as innovation and progress happen.

@KrzysiekJ Democracy on the other hand demands a way for society to guide political decisions trough some form of collective participation in government. This definitely means at some point tides will shift from slightly leftist to slightly rightists and vice-a-versa. Democracy's own flaw is the susceptibility to manipulation. You have "the people" as a single point of failure, even if a more expensive one than some form of monarch.

@KrzysiekJ So for us here, it looked like democracy is a rightists thing, simply because it was far more to the right, than what we had back then. And the fact the "reformed" leftists today that rebranded in order to shy away from the terror attacks they employed to reach power and the dictatorship they installed for 45 years, without actually denouncing them, still push the notion of democracy as a capitalistic ploy very well explains why lots of people here are skeptical of the left.

@kunev Yeah, in Poland similarly “democracy” has coincided with the fall of the communist regime and capitalist reforms. However when we look at pure mechanisms, democracy may not emerge as neutral (more on that in Hoppe’s “Democracy: The God That Failed”). Historically, democracies have been rather oppressive (look for example at tax rates). An alternative to democracy which allows adapting to change may be decentralization.