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There is an article advocating that that “The only safe is text-only email” ( ). Why don’t the authors advocate also that “the only safe web page is text-only page”?

Perhaps the real issue is the verification of message authenticity, not the format used. If I cannot trust that an email originates from, let’s say, my bank, then why should I bother reading it and potentially following links at all?


But also email clients tend to be less secure than browsers, and people tend to be more trusting of outlook than chrome.

Are there even any good PGP supporting desktop clients anymore?

Krzysztof Jurewicz @KrzysiekJ

@ajroach42 That’s roughly what I’m pointing at. Email clients are used in a less secure way, hence in a typical setup it is difficult to authenticate message. This seems to be a bigger problem than format, as once I trust the sender, I may care less about links (similarly as I would treat them when browsing trusted web resource).

Thunderbird once had the extension named Enigmail. I would bet that it still works.