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@KrzysiekJ best wishes with Ercoin, I'm really curious to see how the electronic currency scene expands. Have you heard of the Duniter project? If yes, do you have any opinions?

@douginamug I haven’t heard of Duniter before. Criticism of Bitcoin’s inflationary model on the ground that it gives too much rewards to the miners (and contributes to energy wasting) may be understandable (BTW, Ercoin has no plans for inflation), but basic income doesn’t sound like a just solution. The society doesn’t owe you anything due to the fact that you exist. Their criticism of proof of stake is also doubtful, as PoS generally doesn’t impact relative money distribution.

@KrzysiekJ I'm not super into the tech behind cryptocurrency so I don't really know how PoW/PoS/PoX impact the mechanics.

As for the UBI/UD discussion, I'm still making figuring out my opinions. This is a really interesting political/philosophical debate IMO, ultimately centering around the question equivalence. Heard of the Veil of Ignorance?

Krzysztof Jurewicz @KrzysiekJ

@douginamug Probably not heard about the veil of ignorance before. Looks like an interesting concept which reminds of symmetry in political doctrines (and that symmetry can be achieved using homestead principle: ).