Krzysztof Jurewicz

Let’s say that I create a account on my own, private instance (only hypothetically, as I like my current one) and immediately post an introduction. Then:

• Nobody will see the introduction (as initially I will have no followers).
• If I use the search feature, I will see only posts from my own timeline.

How does the model respond to these problems?

@KrzysiekJ well, if you do this, you probably already know the addresses of a few other instances, so you immediately connect to them. 😉

@tdemin I think that just subscribing someone from other instance doesn’t propagate my posts to that instance (this is how it works in Diaspora).

@KrzysiekJ I have started by following users from most popular instances and getting boosts from some users, now my instance federates with 243 instances.

@KrzysiekJ That's why there is need for these infamous federation bots and ambassador bots

@m4sk1n I presume that 243 is the number of instances with which you have exchanged content at least once, not the number of instances participating in the publish/subscribe mechanism.

Federation bots are a workaround…


In your scenario, making an introduction that early is like spitting in the wind. No matter what, you need to spend time building up *some* audience. Do that for a while first, then do your introductions.

In any case, people making multiple/regular introductions on Mastodon seems to be the norm.

@wion Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I've not made a formal introduction yet. What I'm trying to point to is that there is an incentive to choose a big instance rather than a small one, as there is more audience. There is no such incentive in, for example, email or RSS in itself. Maybe the search feature should be decoupled from Mastodon instances?


I think it’s more middle road than that. I was responding to your inquiry about a single account instance. That’s ideal from a data/privacy point of view, but not from a social, not without some initial effort. On the other extreme are large instances. Sure, easy to mix with people, but also a lot of noise vs. signal. But...


I find a small instance (a few hundred people) is nice. That’s plenty to hitch social rides and find others, while not having to endure a ton of unwanted shitposting.

@KrzysiekJ That is a great question. Boosted in my instance for sure!

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