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Krzysztof Jurewicz @KrzysiekJ

The threat of , described in Nick Bostrom’s book, poses a challenge to capitalistic thought which doesn’t seem to be widely recognized nowadays. What if machines become significantly more productive than humans in the vast majority of activities?

@KrzysiekJ I believe machines already outdo humans for the majority of material production.

I think that it will always be possible for humans to create some value for other humans, even with AI. However the possibility would certainly shrink.

I think #UBI will become increasingly necessary as tech progresses and humans become increasingly unnecessary for other humans.

@douginamug Currently machines are inferior to humans in terms of general intelligence and they are not independent; they need humans in particular to decide what activities they will be allocated to.

With the rise of superintelligence it may happen that machines will be able to practically act as independent market actors.

@KrzysiekJ I think the lines are already blurring between who leads human-machine interactions.

Either way, changes to political and economic spheres is/will be needed.