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Krzysztof Jurewicz

@HerraBRE You may be interested in Keyless Signatures’ Infrastructure:

The best bank heist movie is Vabank.

The Cuban myth. No, it's not an example of socialism working. No, it's not because of any embargo. Since Obama, you can even import Cuban cugars to the US now.

> The Castro regime dilapidated subsidies from the Soviet Union between 1960 and 1990 equivalent to five Marshall plans, and yet it failed to improve its economic growth or take advantage of these huge transfers to improve productivity. Between 1960 and 1990, Cuba received more than $65 billion from the Soviet Union, not to mention the money it received from other socialist countries.

> Cuba even benefited from a subsidy from the Venezuelan regime—which itself receives billions from China—that covered 70 percent of the country’s consumption. It also receives hundreds of millions from international organizations.

> Despite this, the Nationmaster ranking, which compares the average salary for countries around the world, ranks Cuba last (176th place) in the world, with an average salary of $25.05 per month in 2014.

extension by lowers privacy grade of websites which privacy practices have not been reviewed. Ironically, service they use for this purpose is named “Terms of Service Didn’t Read” and it itself does have lowered rating, apparently because of not being in its own database.

Even if they read some ToS, how do they know that they are being enforced?

@derbursche Proof of burn is a proof that some amount of cryptocurrency has been destroyed. In this case it is planned that each user will get portion of the initial distribution of Ercoin proportional to the amount of BlackCoin destroyed in a specific manner during a specific time window.

Pisarz Jacek Piekara o pozwie, w wyniku którego ma zapłacić blisko pół miliona złotych, dowiedział się od komornika.

Tymczasem już w Ⅰ kwartale 2019 r. ma pojawić się usługa rejestrowanego doręczenia elektronicznego. Obywatel będzie mógł zdecydować, że korespondencję chce otrzymywać na adres elektroniczny zamiast na fizyczny, pozbywając się fikcji doręczeń (ale też możliwości nieodbierania korespondencji).

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A Bulgarian MEP is in charge of an initiative called "I won't get hacked" promoted with the hashtags (and in Bulgarian) so far starts as a very promising cinge-fest kind of really like what we expected TBH.
First thing they do is launch (yes over HTTP, yes **ONLY** HTTP), which gives you soem password tips like mixing cases, using special characters, using at least 10 characters etc. and then prompts you to check how strong your password is.

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is a popular wallet, one of the recommended by An elementary and serious issue had been at first not treated seriously on IRC, then ignored for over a month on GitHub (currently over 200 watchers). Apparently Linus’s law is not always working.

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According to the creators, browser is not susceptible to / :

“Pale Moon already set the granularity for the performance timers sufficiently course in Oct 2016 when it became clear that this could be used to perform hardware-timing based attacks and fingerprinting.

Pale Moon also, by design, doesn't allow buffer memory to be shared between threads in , so the »SharedArrayBuffer« attack is not possible.”

@rysiek @paco Exactly. By using bare metal you have eliminated an entire class of attacks.

There will be more bugs like this.

Security professionals know this and have known for a long time. Thus my claim it was a standard best practice, albeit one that has costs not everyone could justify.

That math has shifted now, more people will justify the expense. Not all, but more.

@cheesegrits @douginamug @neil Financial markets are not pure gambling, they operate on real values. However if we replace income tax with sales tax, then we make it lower (in terms of percentage) not because of HFT, but to retain tax income on equal level.