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just want to say that all beings with agency are welcome to make accounts here as long as they spend $5

I’ve received an email with a suggestion that should use to obtain “intrinsic value”.

The problem with such thinking is that the labour theory of value (offen associated with ) has been refuted. The work in general has no value in itself. The fact that work has been performed may provide “psychological value” for some, but there’s no real utility associated with it. More on this topic:

The directive is plainly stupid and it causes big losses to the economy (the cost of programming cookie popups + the cost of wasted screen space + the cost of dismissing cookie popups). Yet there was little resistance from companies and from the society when it was introduced. It is nice to see that one company has stood up to this:

Wczoraj ukazał się ciekawy artykuł doktora Stanisława Wójtowicza na temat finansowania nauki, teorii dóbr publicznych i efektu gapowicza:

Z okazji przypominam swój upubliczniony rok temu artykuł pt. „Ordynacja spełniła swoją rolę”, napisany do… „Gazety Wyborczej” (nieopublikowany) i zawierający propozycję zmian ustrojowych:

IMO it'd be cool if major websites supported registering with .onion email - this way you could really own your email address by having complete control over the hidden service keys.

The threat of , described in Nick Bostrom’s book, poses a challenge to capitalistic thought which doesn’t seem to be widely recognized nowadays. What if machines become significantly more productive than humans in the vast majority of activities?

It is now much easier to run an node for testing purposes, as:

• It doesn’t need anymore. IPFS is an interesting technology, but it still seems to have issues with consuming too much resources: , which makes running it on a non-dedicated hardware problematic.
Compose can be used to start both ABCI server (written in Erlang) and ABCI client (Tendermint):

The wallet for now supports persistence, transaction creation (for two transaction types) and communication with Tendermint, being basically functional.

Working with + is much pleasure, in particular because it allows programmer to not worry about synchronizing UI changes with state changes. I’m not aware of an analogous, well-document toolkit for desktop.


I played violent video games since I was a little kid. Mortal Kombat, Carmageddon, GTA, Blood, Soldier of Fortune - you name it, I played it.

Never felt aggressive after doing that, don't ban violent video games.

Ban #javascript, one evening of it and I want to do unspeakable things to people.

How has lost a customer:

I’ve received a renewed debit card and wanted to update it in the application. It hasn’t allowed me to remove the old card (despite it had already expired) because of it being the only payment method. I’ve then tried to add the new card first, but… the application has prohibited this because the new card has the same number as the old one.

For some time I’ve been using then (if available in a particular city).

At first I thought this was an #aprilfoolsday prank, but it actually is real. Cloudflare made their own DNS resolver called
#infosec #dns #cloud

#Google removes #Kodi from search autocomplete in anti-piracy effort - the article state "But, while Kodi is legal software, it remains a space that enables piracy, akin to platforms like BitTorrent."... Yes, like any general purpose computer. 🙄

Wczoraj ukazał się trzeci numer magazynu „Biały Kruk”, a w nim moje opowiadanie pt. „Polityk doskonały”. Zachęcam do lektury.

#introductions. Hello! I have been using #OpenBSD on my personal servers since version 5.5 after running Linux for a long time.

I enjoy using #BSD's because they are well crafted, documented, and are licensed under terms I actually understand.

I'm a lecturer in computer science at a university of applied science where I teach a broad range of topics from programming to networking to artificial intelligence.

Remnants of are being removed from Polish ebook market. The last big bookstore removes all DRM-protected from its offer, describing this technology as cumbersome. If a publisher insists on using DRM, then its books will not be sold at all.

Article (in Polish):

If you plan to test on a machine and retain the created pool after installing , then you may be surprised when you discover that by default creates pools that are not compatible with other systems:

The existence of strong BSD community here on Mastodon (and reading AST’s book about operating systems) has reminded me about good old days of using . One of the effects is writing and submitting a port of daemon/CLI:

Komisja Ligi w uzasadnieniu odebrania trzech punktów Górnikowi Zabrze powołuje się na… komentarze wypisywane przez kiboli Górnika na Facebooku.

W 3. numerze magazynu „Biały Kruk” ukaże się moje opowiadanie pt. „Polityk doskonały”. Tymczasem zachęcam do lektury wcześniejszych numerów, dostępnych na stronie .

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