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Kapitalizm i socjalizm, jako typy idealne, nigdy nie zaistniały w historii.

Niemniej tam, gdzie zbliżano się do ideału kapitalistycznego obserwowano obfitość dóbr, rozwój i postęp, podczas gdy tam, gdzie zbliżano się do ideału socjalistycznego obserwowano braki, zastój i regres.

Jak to dobrze, że wybory do Sejmu są równe i proporcjonalne (art. 96 ust. 2 Konstytucji), więc PiS z wynikiem 43,59% nie ma szans na samodzielną większość. Prawda?

Doktor matematyki i programista wrzucił do bazy danych różne słowiańskie i metodą systematyczną połączył je w jeden. Byli też inni i po złączeniu ich wysiłków powstał język międzysłowiański, którego w użyciu można posłuchać (i ocenić stopień zrozumiałości) w załączonym wywiadzie (pytania po polsku, odpowiedzi w międzysłowiańskim).

Istnieje też forma uproszczona: (zbieżność nazw z nieprzypadkowa).

Ercoin 1.0.0 beta 1 has been released. This version brings the announcement of Initial Burn Offering which will be used to obtain initial distribution. We are also pleased to announce bug bounty programme (with rewards up to $1,000).

• release:
• IBO:
• bug bounty:
• story:
• whitepaper:

“The evidence is too weak to justify telling individuals to eat less beef and pork, according to new research.”

Na polskim rynku wydawniczym ukazała się kolejna książka poświęcona austriackiej szkole ekonomii.

Nakładem Fijorr Publishing do rąk polskiego czytelnika trafia przewodnik po ASE śladami życia i twórczości jej czołowych prekursorów i przedstawicieli.


#ekonomia #ksiazki

In the day of it is worth to remind that distribution by Initial Burn Offering is “green” in the sense that it involves destroying virtual resources, not real-world electricity. CO₂ savings can be estimated at

- unpopular opinions are a serious danger to your personal life and career so an opportunist (rational?) strategy is to keep silent about them

- it is not allowed to wander too far with thought experiments because it may hurt you (see above) because either someone does not like these thoughts or doesn't understand them

- many people preaching for inclusion are very exclusive themselves

These conclusions (especially the last one) made me very sad, because I'm a big proponent of the first one.

Admittedly I was quite agitated due to the #rms lynch for the last few days and I've read plenty of things on the internet. I had no opinion on a few topics. Some conclusions I've came up with are:

- we should strive for equal chances, not for equal results

- "cancel culture" executed by a mob is no less than a harassment

- some people lack skill (or will) to check facts and others use that to advance their goals

- media news are not trustworthy

- throwing shit makes some of it stick


Considering creation of a separate account for promotion & discussion. Any other present on Fediverse?

organizations should decide whether they are about software or about software and politics and society. As for now, their names don’t suggest the latter. The more intersections are made, the more people may be pushed away and discouraged from contributing.

Dzień dobry. Bardziej z potrzeby niż z chęci wracam do czynnego korzystania z sieci społecznościowych. Najpierw o rzeczach najważniejszych: szóstego lipca zeszłego roku zmarł mój Ojciec. Nie jestem w stanie i nie będę nawet próbował zwięźle wyrazić tego, jak wiele Mu zawdzięczam.

Good afternoon. More because of a need than of a desire, I’m returning to active usage of social networks. The most important things first: last year, on July 6th, my father died. I am unable and won’t even attempt to briefly express how much I owe him.

is advertised as “logic-less templates”. In reality it contains some logic: a section can be displayed or not depending on whether a variable is non false. Bad marketing.

Starting today, is generated using instead of . It therefore depends on and instead of gigabytes of Haskell binaries. A minimalistic static site generator for a minimalistic site (1 HTML file, 1 CSS file).

Why using / to compile a simple static website (1 HTML file, 1 CSS file) hosted on Pages may be a bad idea:

• When using Stack, the ~/.stack directory is about 3.5 GB.
• The build fails when running on CI, (apparently due to an old Stack version): .
• When fixed, the build times out after one hour of running: .
• If cabal sandbox is used instead of Stack, another error occurs:

Reposting as public:

All activitypub privacy is based on trusting all other servers. I always said that this makes any expectation of true privacy on the fediverse a fantasy. You can modify a mastodon instance to publically show all incoming private posts in 2 lines of code.

Same goes for locked accounts and blocks.

just want to say that all beings with agency are welcome to make accounts here as long as they spend $5

I’ve received an email with a suggestion that should use to obtain “intrinsic value”.

The problem with such thinking is that the labour theory of value (offen associated with ) has been refuted. The work in general has no value in itself. The fact that work has been performed may provide “psychological value” for some, but there’s no real utility associated with it. More on this topic:

Show more is a paid signup Mastodon instance funded directly by users purchasing accounts for just $5. An inexpensive alternative to free signup platforms, we impose direct economic cost on trolls who want to avoid blocks by creating many accounts. This instance will actively respond to any problematic users.