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Krzysztof Jurewicz

I’ve established two bounties for -related development:

• 120 BLK for adding a ( Flavoured ) lexer to : . This will add LFE syntax highlighting to GitLab (and to GitHub Pages).
• 125 BLK for fixing a bug with plugin in . This will ease testing.

We no longer need to import terrorism into this country... it's already here. We let it in. We didn't just let it in but embraced it.

We have a culture that is both anti-white and anti-west. Children grow up in this country, taught to have white-guilt and to hate the west. Because of this, it doesn't surprise me that we have people turning to radicalised groups that seek to harm us. Youth that are taught to hate themselves, and by extension to hate their country and humanity in general. It's easier for them to believe that they are the bad guys and must atone for it, and that groups like ISIS must be right if that's what the society around them agrees with too. That the west is evil. What do you do about evil?

@KrzysiekJ Tryton follows the principles of FSF much more closely. Cédric and the core devs can be blunt and have low tolerance for top posting in discussions...however they are very responsive and accept contributions based on merit and technical correctness. Refreshing to those who have tried to contribute to Odoo as "outsiders"

@KrzysiekJ The Odoo/OpenERP/TinyERP project has a sketchy track record with respect to the free software community. It has made a deliberate decision to move away from the Libre model to a semi-free open source model closely associated with the founding company's "freemium" business model. Contributor's code is routinely rejected if it doesn't directly serve the interests of that business regardless of technical merit.

If you haven't already done so check out Tryton -

How inhibits development:

⒈ I submit a one-line bugfix.
⒉ Maintainer responds (after over 9 months) that he’s willing to merge it, but I need to sign a newly introduced CLA; otherwise he’ll merge it under his name.
⒊ I refuse to sign and point that if the change is copyrighted, then merging it under his name would violate the copyright. I suggest to adopt ’s policy in that matter.
⒋ Pull request is rejected.

Recently I’ve set up an channel for my free software project and I’ve been impressed with how rich IRC software ecosystem is. For example, you can:

• login to using an SSL certificate;
• connect to a remote session from Android, desktop application or a web browser, using SSL or an SSH tunnel;
• maintain a message history for offline users (using ).

So why is proprietary , with an official web client supporting only a few selected browsers, fashionable?

Billions in the ads industry on profiling/tracking and they still can't put 1 and 1 together that an HTML only email to me == a lost sale.

The initial "c" is silent.

> Because the ctenophore invented brains and muscles using a set of proteins and genes so different from any other animal that has ever been studied, it provides a unique opportunity to explore some enormous questions: how divergent can nervous systems be? Do we truly understand how life senses its surroundings and behaves?


I’ve started a project and published the code on Complaints have been raised that would be easier to track.

If people were able to create decentralized social networks like , then shouldn’t it be possible to create also decentralized social coding protocols? could possibly be used as a storage backend and for authentication.

I wonder if we will ever be able to put a number to the economic damage to the USA and the world caused by Twitter and Facebook culture's habit of using bare images instead of links.

That 'breaking story' - if you've shared it as an image, I have no clue if it's real or fake.

Organized propaganda campaigns make full use this of ambiguity.

I’ve published the code of the I’ve been writing:

Planned features:
• 100% — no wasteful .
• Transaction messages.
• 1-second confirmations.
• No chain forks.
• Expirable accounts instead of unspent transaction outputs.
• Fair distribution via — no premine, no ICO.
• Accounts managed by multiple keys in arbitrary combinations.

Contributions and feedback are welcome.

Fasolka po bretońsku z kiełbasą sprzedawana pod marką „Kuchnia Staropolska”, a w składzie

• izolat białka sojowego,
• hydrolizat białka sojowego,
• błonnik bambusowy,
• trifosforany,
• karagen,
• E 471, E 472c,
• azotyn sodu,
• izoaskorbinian sodu,
• węglany sodu,
• glutaminian monosodowy,
• 5'-rybonukleotydy disodowe.

W normalnym ustroju byłby to materiał na błyskawiczny proces za próbę oszustwa, a w Polsce…?

Is the Venezuela thing, like the Turkey thing, like the US thing, like most things recently, a sure sign that nationality based countries are kind of inefficient today.
Insisting on people agreeing on political issues only because of some vague ethnic/cultural closeness and shared history never made much sense to me. These days however it's getting obvious this can't scale. In a world of free travel and access to information, disagreements and dissatisfaction are getting very big.

Trawestując lewicowe slogany trzeba uważać, bo omyłkowo można skończyć agitując za socjalizmem, jak widać na załączonym obrazku.

Swoją drogą jeśli konserwatywni liberałowie postulują utrzymywanie przez państwo uzbrojonej policji, to czy nie byłoby konsekwentnym postulowanie również finansowania z podatków broni i szkoleń strzeleckich dla obywateli?


Look at pasta sauces. Same deal. Salad dressings. Insane. Crackers, what you would think are supposed to be a 'salty' product, have sugar too. It goes on and on. And if it's not sugar, it's palm oil, or any number of other weird things, even silicon.

They try to sneak sugar into you because it's addictive. The brain likes it and subconsciously makes you want more and more. Food companies know this so they put it in everything. They're as bad as Phillip-Morris.


I read the ingredients on the box of every cereal in the supermarket and only found one with no sugar. Post-Toasties, maybe?

Even the cereals in the "health food" section were loaded with sugar.

Odwiedziliśmy przejazdem , oglądając „Uciec jak najbliżej”. Sam pomysł na imprezę znakomity, otoczka festiwalowa również, repertuaru nie komentuję, natomiast zganić trzeba organizację samego pokazu. Potencjał Janusza Zaorskiego jako twórcy omawiającego dzieło nie w pełni wykorzystany, oglądanie filmu w swetrze i z zatkanymi uszami (!) przez głośność i klimatyzację. Może gdyby festiwal nie był dotowany, przykładanoby większą wagę do zadowolenia kupujących bilety?

I'm pondering how much of my life I have wasted identifying street signs on ReCAPTCHAs because of #CloudFlare.

It's a lot. And I could have been doing many other things in that amount of time. I've started to close tabs if a site presents me with one; it's probably not important enough to waste my time.


Normal users are getting screwed by this. Besides, it's crackable:

If your site is behind CloudFlare, disable this "protection".
#GNU is more than just a collection of software; it is an operating system:

Many hackers and activists within the free software community don't understand this well, and it's a shame to see attacks on GNU's relevance (as measured by programs written by GNU on a given system) going unchallenged. Software for GNU was written by the GNU Project when a suitable free program was not available. It wouldn't have made sense to write everything from scratch if free programs already solved the problem.

When we say GNU/Linux, we really are referring to the GNU operating system that just happens to be using Linux. It could be using the FreeBSD kernel (GNU/FreeBSD). It could be using a Windows kernel with a Linux API (GNU/kWindows). It could be using the Hurd (GNU/Hurd). The disambiguation is important, but the end result is pretty much the same.

There are many systems that use Linux that are not GNU. Android is not GNU, for example. We shouldn't attempt to call those systems "GNU/Linux" blindly. (Also note how it's called "Android", not "Android/Linux", or just "Linux". Somehow GNU is controversial, though.)

So if you see someone challenging GNU's relevance because GNU/Linux contains so much software that isn't part of a GNU package, then please provide the above link, and kindly explain to them that their observation is correct, because GNU is an operating system, not a collection of programs.