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Let’s say that I create a account on my own, private instance (only hypothetically, as I like my current one) and immediately post an introduction. Then:

• Nobody will see the introduction (as initially I will have no followers).
• If I use the search feature, I will see only posts from my own timeline.

How does the model respond to these problems?

I read the warren v. district columbia decision a few days ago and I can't stop thinking about it

If we want to achieve compatibility between , it is important to implement strictly, without non-standard error recovery. For example, someone mistyped backslashes into stylesheet URL on and convert backslashes into slashes, while displays website without any styles (correctly, I presume).

Wg udział Facebooka w ruchu sieciowym generowanym przez sieci społecznościowe spadł w ciągu ostatniego roku o 8% (7 p.p.) na świecie, podczas gdy aż o 20% (16 p.p.) w Polsce. Efekt cenzorskiej polityki portalu?

(Statystyki zapewne nie uwzględniają niektórych portali społecznościowych, ale jednak mogą pokazywać pewien trend).

Character limits on and encourage use of … Maybe nowadays / / emojis are more effective in some use cases than alphabetic words, as technology eliminates the need to draw them by hand?

bundles a tool named -viewer. A default behaviour of this tool is to… modify every opened file upon closing, without consent (to store bookmarks and reading progress). The issue was reported over 6 years ago, but it has been won’t-fixed and it’s been hard to convince developers otherwise: .

As #OpenBSD's de-facto wifi maintainer, I first learned about this WPA problem in June. A simple patch was provided which I could commit with slight modifications.

The original embargo was already 2 months long, and then extended again for 2 months.

The generall public (you) were left in the dark about this for at least 4 months.

This is a very sad state of affairs. It takes the industry much too long to apply a simple patch.

I’ve attempted to submit a toot about web standards, but it ended in reporting a bug in Mastodon, in regard to character limit: .

readers are still limited by proprietary . For example a purchaser of PocketBook Touch HD has discovered that there is no note export. Manufacturer at first had refused to recognize the problem and finally has promised to add the missing feature, but the issue has still been unresolved for many months. See: . Maybe there should be a Librem-like funding campaign aiming to create a reader, possibly using ?

Money - left to its own maximisation laws - doesn't seem to reward humane enterprises.

Social clicks don't seem to reward humane media.

Algorithms don't seem to reward increased human creativity and joy.

Politics doesn't seem to reward compassion.

Can there even be any *mechanism* that selects for and rewards people being soulful and humane? If there was, wouldn't it replace us?

If mechanisms can't save us - what can? Can mere humanity *scale*?

Ok so the conservatives here want to pass a law to put people in prison for up to **15** years for VIEWING "extremist content"....

This is alarming. How far away is this country from becoming a dictatorship?

„Rzut karny znany jest i stosowany w futbolu od ponad 130 lat. […] Anglicy pomysł wyśmiali, bo przepis zakładał, że sportowiec musi umyślnie popełnić wykroczenie, a według wiktoriańskiej koncepcji sportu było to niezrozumiałe i oznaczałoby, że któryś z graczy nie jest dżentelmenem. […] Poza tym niezbyt dżentelmeńskie wydawało im się uderzenie z 12 yardów na bramkę chronioną tylko przez jednego człowieka.”

The possible rise of in-browser minings scripts (tested by The Pirate Bay) used as revenue sources looks like an opportunity for moving towards the web in which is commonly an opt-in.

Cc @Michcioperz

16 Ⅹ 2008 r. w Teatrze na Woli odbyła się gala z okazji 50-lecia Kabaretu Starszych Panów. W programie przepleciono młodszych artystów z pierwotnymi wykonawcami. Występy tych pierwszych nie były doskonałe, zdarzyło się zapomnieć tekst. Wiesław Michnikowski natomiast wszedł na scenę i wykonał „Wesołe jest życie staruszka” — ponad 48 lat po premierze — z prawdziwą maestrią.

Wielka strata.

I’ve started writing a simple GUI wallet for , in (), with local storage as a database.

Sources are currently available at . Every commit is automatically deployed to . For now, there’s only account (keypair) management, without persistence and connectivity.

the's hosting bill has been paid. it should be back pretty soon i hope.

i'd like to take this moment to apologize for the downtime but also to chuckle at the fact that the didn't pay a bill.

Good news, everyone! We're Oracle

and we're desupporting Java 8 in September 2018 and we're also introducing a Java 9 BUT DON'T INSTALL IT SERIOUSLY DON'T INSTALL IT

because THEN in March 2018 we're introducing Java 18.3 BUT DON'T INSTALL THAT ONE EITHER because it's not Long Term Support, that won't be until September

exactly as your Java 8 goes no more security patches and

We're Oracle, and let's just say we want to watch the world burn.

There is an article advocating that that “The only safe is text-only email” ( ). Why don’t the authors advocate also that “the only safe web page is text-only page”?

Perhaps the real issue is the verification of message authenticity, not the format used. If I cannot trust that an email originates from, let’s say, my bank, then why should I bother reading it and potentially following links at all?

whois (dig +short | grep OrgName | sed 's/OrgName: *\(.*\)/\1/' returns “Microsoft Corporation”

Analogous command applied for returns “DigitalOcean, LLC”.

Despite of that, both sites are down now, with the former returning 500 and the latter 502. According to people on Twitter, it is not the first outage in the recent time ( ).

Another argument for decentralized repository management.

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