I'm glad to see this thing I paid for once a long time ago still works

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I hate the term glitch artist. If they called themselves 'cross-format manipulative expressionists' instead, they could sell their work for thousands (assuming the majority of them do the basic thing and use audacity to edit images)

Leaving rinse.fm on for when Mumdance starts at 4 (1h20m from now), is usually pretty dang good streamer.dgen.net:8000/rinsera

This toot is in protest of our inept administrator who can't do anything right, can we pay for a better one 😇

@sharktopus is there a way to see a list of what other instances this is connected to?

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The more I think about it, the more I think that automatic federation by default is probably not going to last.

A little history lesson. In the early days, IRC servers federated with any other server who connected. However, attacks by abusers with their own servers resulted in servers turning automatic federation off, and these same servers ended up forming EFnet by federating only with each other. A few years later, the network split in two due to policy disagreements.


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