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А дано с Валерката има тръгне на
Така и така всичко си е ебало майката, барем да е забавно поне. 😁

I am not saying that you are a door into another dimension, but when you move, your flannel pattern stays firmly in place, as if we are merely viewing a local instantiation of an infinite field of geometrically perfect, fashionably correct squares

You gotta start saying stuff like “when the *non-avian* dinosaurs went extinct 65M years ago...” Because it freaks people out. It freaks me out!

:drake_dislike: “Chickens are descended from dinosaurs.”
:drake_like: ”Chickens *are* dinosaurs.”

the best computer skill you can develop is not having opinions about everything

If anything ever came close to "political correctness gone wild" I'd say it's the fact that mumble rap is considered as having actual value beyond humor and the "artists" of the genre are considered on par with other rapers and musicians in general.

Yet again, let us all be surprised, shocked and amazed at how we never even thought it was possible that facebook is actually a cesspool inside and out. If only there was any way to tell...

I've always known one day Poppy was gonna get to this. I expected it to take more time and be more gradual, but really it makes so much sense.

Also, I'm not in a cult!

So have big awesome ideas, but always try to dumb down, simplify and butcher them so as to alleviate the uncertainty of being misunderstood by guaranteeing yourself that you most definitely will be.

Hello! Would you have a spare moment to talk about our lord and saviour (F)OSS @openfest?

Good thing tmuxinator complained my tmux version is not supported so I was reminded to update tmuxinator.

На НДК Пешо (човека с гайдата) свири вариации по Summer time... Ама на гайда... И ми костваше много усилия да кресна „Зима ееееееееееее“

"The flaw was exploitable only when X.Org Server was configured to run with root privileges itself, which is a common setup for many distros."
Srsly? It's a "common setup"? Why...

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