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we got a beanbag but i guess it belongs to pearl now

it is NOT OK for non redheads to use the 🤷 emoji 😤 . my people have faced CENTURIES of colonialist oppression, and now you want to claim the one cultural icon we have? the shrugging lady? disgusting

Let’s retake control of our events! #JoinMobilizon

@Framasoft wants to create Mobilizon: free/libre software that will allow communities to create their own spaces to publish events, in order to better emancipate themselves from tech giants. We want to develop a digital common, that everyone can make their own, which respects privacy and activism by design.

You thought you were clever and painted a ouija board on your hard wood floors. One night while the roomba was on and cleaning your house, it summoned a demon
#writingprompts #writing

I honestly did my best to use Chrome for $work for quite a while (6-7 months maybe) since it is the "supported" browser and it kept sucking...
Last few days I've had to spray it with xkill once every couple of hours just so my laptop doesn't burst into flames and my graphical environment is actually responding to input.
I'm done... Setting up a work profile on FF again... Fuck Chrome!

i've always wondered how people steal passwords

we should ban tweezers

Next time you feel like respectfully disagreeing, try disrespectfully agreeing instead!


ladies, if a guy...
-remembers your birthday
-knows what you enjoy
-saves your pictures
-harvests your data
-keeps your passwords in plaintext

this guy is not your man.

this guy is mark zuckerberg.


Светла Енчева - Това не е тяхната Нова Зеландия

Да го наричаме „безименен“, предложи новозеландската премиерка Джасинда Ардърн по адрес на стрелеца от Крайстчърч, убил 50 души и ранил десетки. В тази публикация няма да споменаваме нито неговото име, нито това на известния му „колега“ и вдъхновител от Норвегия.

Ардърн има право – именуването спомага за героизирането. А героизирането – за подражанието.

#мнение #Нова Зеландия

Just one of those days where life (or @_BigSmile_ more specifically) reminds me of @vanchizzle

Give a person a program and frustrate them for a day.

Teach a person to program and frustrate them for a lifetime.

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