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Just one of those days where life (or @_BigSmile_ more specifically) reminds me of @vanchizzle

Give a person a program and frustrate them for a day.

Teach a person to program and frustrate them for a lifetime.

This world does not deserve @dvntownsend, but gladly the unfairness of the universe has given him to us!

don't have enough HDMI cables? no problem, this cursed adapter allows you to use two RJ45 instead!

:drake_dislike: If people want to keep things safe and secure maybe they should just not do things which they wouldn't want other people to see so they don't have to worry
:drake_like: teaching people to secure their shit so they can do what the fuck they want

When you've all but pioneered a huge style of music centred around being mind numbingly complex, managing to sound contemporary to it 30 years later is hard… And they seem to be doing an awesome work at it while still being the daddies of prog.

`копеле пребазирай произход господар`

I think @audible_com is trying to instill some ideas... 😆😆😆

Явно @novatv_bg се опитва да привлече всики краища на спектъра, впечатляющо е.
Говорят как велики спортисти са пращани в Белене, заради обида към съветски посланик. 20 минути по-късно Жени Живкова разказва как не би имала против да живее пак във времето преди 89-та.

I'm no fan of Apple, bit I sure wish the US government reacted as swiftly to facebook's continuing deliberate and disgusting global systemic disregard of its users' privacy as they do to Apple's (admittedly stupid, but) honest mistake that works only when specifically targeted.

every software is free if you try hard enough

There's a linux build of TaskwarriorC2 and that's just blowing my mind right now...

As a kid I was always annoyed by them, but I think I finally start understanding my grandpa... afternoon naps are a magnificent thing! It just took me about 3 decades to finally realize that.

I wonder what else he was right about...

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