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Браво на @novatv_bg за водещата на сутрешния им блок, която коментирайки дали човек убил съпругата си е психопат, отбелязва с притеснение, че той не е имал нито един приятел във фейсбук, което май може би е било сигнал...

Achievement unlocked: двустранен протокол зa Spark.

I'm trying to push myself to use @taskwarrior. I feel like I can at least get a lot of peace of mind in knowing exactly how bad my delivery is as opposed to just vaguely guessing. 😁

Чак сега прочетох какво е тоя пакет мобилност и всъщност е доста очевидно, че работническата класа, която се твърди, че протестирала там всъщност се противи на ограничаването на каботажа, а не толкова на разходите за условия на труд.

twiderre doesn't load DMs for some reason... 😞 I have DMs older than a week that don't show up in it, but are on the twitter web thing and twwetdeck. Wonder if twitter messed with the APIs to fuck 3rd party clients or some twidere update just fucked itself up.

Тоалетна хартия „създадена по нова пиксел технология“...

proposed laptop sticker, boost if you think it's worth me tidying up and printing #serverless #snark

The overall state of the tech industry makes me think that this is probably what it was like trying to buy medicine in the late 1800s. On some level you probably knew you were just drinking cocaine mixed with paint thinner, but it's not like you had a better option.

Is any computer good. Has there ever been a good computer

Another day, another occasion where I wish @SwiftOnSecurity would stop deleting her best tweets.

Watched Annihilation, starting off with the idea that it's probably gonna be a nice fun sci-fi flick... Holy shit was I wrong, and holy shit am I glad I was! This was just... WOW!

We need a logo for the #fediverse because when people equate #Mastodon to the entirety of the #fediverse like how @nextcloud did with that image at the bottom, we have a problem

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