In an environment of peace free of war and predation where food is plentiful, sexual selection starts driving evolution. See fancy island birds.

When folks lament that humans have stopped evolving, it makes me giggle. We lost predatory selection, but there are plenty of other drivers. Birds of Paradise and Bowerbirds will tell you how hard they work to be chosen to sire future generations, building stages for display practicing routines, stealing props from one another.

Just wondering; in short, what do people who are against capitalism think is a better system? Communism? Because I see lots of people saying how they're against capitalism and how evil it is and all โ€”

but, with the exception of anarchy (which in my opinion basically is a different way of saying "i don't effing know"), I haven't come across anyone explaining which system in their opinion is actually better.

A long overdue lesson in just how badly important nuances can be lost in the noise of partisan squabbling


hey, hey you.

You're great and deserve to have a good night/day "Early Macintosh Emulation Comes to the Archive" - This is awesome and a really impressive technical achievement.

is there a poetry instance yet? I wanna follow some poets

"Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under Communism, it's just the opposite."
-- John Kenneth Galbraith

I don't believe widespread and eager domain blocking is a problem for the project of federation. Here's the endgame I see for this whole federation thing:

As Mastodon grows, it's going to have G-rated instances. It's going to have instances for Christians. It's going to have instances for vegans, PTSD sufferers, and recovering alcoholics.

"Mastodon Systemic Sustainability"
~ hosting costs breakdown, scaling concerns, problem user management, and one solution ~
As an experiment, @sharktopus have set up as a robust mastodon instance with a $5 registration fee.
CC @miguelpeixe

!! CURRENTLY DEFUNCT, ONLY AVAILABLE AS AN ARCHIVE !! is a paid signup Mastodon instance funded directly by users purchasing accounts for just $5. An inexpensive alternative to free signup platforms, we impose direct economic cost on trolls who want to avoid blocks by creating many accounts. This instance will actively respond to any problematic users.