@celexi @sovereign just got this fixed, I didn't know it was broken until celexi told me on IRC, I haven't looked at this thing in some time so apologies for the delay


I’ve written a proof of concept of a serverless store with delivery by email and orders placed by making payments. Despite of not using any payment-specific libraries, it took just 42 lines of Ruby code.



Considering creation of a separate account for promotion & discussion. Any other present on Fediverse?

tech marketing & product people: don't make security or safety a premium feature, that's boeing level behavior and it's a terrible look regardless of how much revenue you think it generates

woops operator error there over the weekend

in other kube news: don't sleep on Argo project, looks like it's got some legs on it

lol I guess there is such a thing as shipping too early

Kube CRDs + Open Policy Agent as an Admission Controller is almost too slick

(CDD) Christ Driven Development: JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL

every morning this guy fucks with me while I'm trying to sleep

interestingly it works ok if you make a request with only_media=true but not when only_media=false

everything but local timeline view seems to be working ok... going to keep digging as I have time

this instance is currently having some issues, will dig in and see what's up soon. Seems like it may just be nonstop ruby errors coming from interoperability problems? Will try to update to latest stable mastodon in the next day or two.

My apologies for the service degredation!

I ought to have written something more long form about mastodon's ten year overnight success that hasn't quite taken hold yet. Seems like we'll hit critical mass for network effects to cause higher endogenous growth, rather than something exogenous like twitter increasing ban frequency.

Then again, I could be seriously underestimating the draw of celebrity accounts. I'd imagine celeb accounts bring in a less engaged user on average, so maybe this balances out from a network health perspective?

Generally I'm not one to shill but I just wanted to give another nod to sweetwater.com for being so damn good. If you need to buy pro audio stuff in America I can't recommend them enough. Amazing service, great prices (call and ask for a discount too), super prompt and knowledgable.

Can't wait for these Yamaha HS8s to get here!!

@jessmahler Curious what kind of data you're checking out to say that the "non-coders have left mastodon". I'd love to take a look at the details!

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