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First mix off the new set of HS8

let me know what you think!

Generally I'm not one to shill but I just wanted to give another nod to for being so damn good. If you need to buy pro audio stuff in America I can't recommend them enough. Amazing service, great prices (call and ask for a discount too), super prompt and knowledgable.

Can't wait for these Yamaha HS8s to get here!!

how can we containerize opportunity?

@jessmahler Curious what kind of data you're checking out to say that the "non-coders have left mastodon". I'd love to take a look at the details!

just want to say that all beings with agency are welcome to make accounts here as long as they spend $5

ok just rolled our creds.

any other instance admins feel free to reach out to me if you're having issues with the key change process!

we're on 2.4.0rc3 now, you will need to log in again later when I roll these keys

mastodon having its usual code quality issues, we leaked tons of secret env vars in some random javascript file, no improper access from what I've seen in the centralized logs but defintely had these values accessed so rolling everything anyways

expanse season 3 tonight!

cool space opera if you're into that stuff

ok we're now on the latest mastodon version again, sorry for the delay in updating!

I can't stop thinking about the potential of something like peertube. Still need to think through the incentives of various actors more but it seems like some kind of peertube+crypto system could replace youtube at scale and potentially provide more revenue to creaters than today, and without ads to boot.

Lots of work starting to come together finally! If you have any interest in learning about Continuous Deployment or Kubernetes check out the early access for my upcoming book here:

All feedback, questions, comments, are greatly appreciated -nj


#FreeRadical blog: "S3 URLs have changed; update your Content-Security-Policy"

I’m serving Free Radical’s images etc. from S3. When I updated to Mastodon v2.1.0, I noticed that all the page’s images were missing. Safari’s Show JavaScript Console menu revealed a lot of errors like: [Error] Refused to load [...]

(posted at Fri, 15 Dec 2017 22:26:57 +0000)

Welcome @sovereign to our fine mastodon instance!

working on some art asset generation stuff, very much work in progress but even after 1 training session it's looking pretty dope to me!

There are some stylesheet issues on the landing page buttons but I don't have any more time to mess with them for now

just a heads up, gonna take this instance up to the latest version later this week

What is consciousness, and could machines have it?

This article is a great overview to the computational consciousness perspective, get it off sci-hub if you don't have journal access!

turns out Babylon 5 is incredible