ok just rolled our creds.

any other instance admins feel free to reach out to me if you're having issues with the key change process!

@sharktopus any issues with turning 2FA back on at the user level? Mine is bombing.

@pylorns those are the only keys I didn't roll because I was worried about locking users out accidentally. I'd just try to revert to the old values for now

@sharktopus nope didn’t lock anyone out, got that working as I turned it off for everyone. Buutttt now we can’t turn it back on.

@pylorns the original patch instructions? can you link me to the script if its public?


from @href

non-docker: "User.update_all(otp_required_for_login: false, encrypted_otp_secret: nil)"

So a more correct SQL query would be for you to run now

UPDATE users SET encrypted_otp_secret = null WHERE encrypted_otp_secret IS NOT NULL

to totally erase the otp config.

@pylorns @href ah ok, and you're getting error output or it just doesnt save the secret value? how in particular is it not turning on?

It just says "we're sorry we;re having trouble" - when you go to preferences and try to turn it on. I haven't dug any deeper. I put a new key in my config, but no dice. Haven't spent any more time on it today though.

@pylorns yeah so there should be an error getting logged somewhere, I run rollbar and send my exceptions/errors to a third party aggregator but there's probably a simple way to enable local console output if it's not there already

just need some more info on what exactly is causing the issue, I don't see anything obvious in the code ive checked that would be blowing up just by setting that field to null

@sharktopus Yeah I'm going to trouble shoot more tomorrow.

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