@YellowKing hey, welcome to #Liberdon! Hope you get a chance to pop up an avatar real quick. Let me or @Liberty4Masses know if you have any questions. We're new, but building a community and dedicated to creating a good experience for everyone here ❤️



Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

Yeah, I'll try to do my part to keep this active. Are there other Libertarian instances? I figured there would be a ton, but I can't find any. Only found this because of a random federated post by @Liberty4Masses

There needs to be a better way to find instances.

@YellowKing right on. I figured there'd be a bunch of them too, but there weren't, so we created this one. Eventually found @JobDestroyer & @sharktopus. We're all 3 still relatively small though, oddly enough.

@YellowKing @sharktopus server has a fee though and he doesn't seem to be active for over a month now.

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