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Generally I'm not one to shill but I just wanted to give another nod to for being so damn good. If you need to buy pro audio stuff in America I can't recommend them enough. Amazing service, great prices (call and ask for a discount too), super prompt and knowledgable.

Can't wait for these Yamaha HS8s to get here!!

@jessmahler Curious what kind of data you're checking out to say that the "non-coders have left mastodon". I'd love to take a look at the details!

just want to say that all beings with agency are welcome to make accounts here as long as they spend $5

@kunev American "progressive" corps have been moving in lock step on the latest spook, really not great to see but entirely unsurprising

@pylorns yeah so there should be an error getting logged somewhere, I run rollbar and send my exceptions/errors to a third party aggregator but there's probably a simple way to enable local console output if it's not there already

just need some more info on what exactly is causing the issue, I don't see anything obvious in the code ive checked that would be blowing up just by setting that field to null

@pylorns @href ah ok, and you're getting error output or it just doesnt save the secret value? how in particular is it not turning on?

@pylorns the original patch instructions? can you link me to the script if its public?

@pylorns those are the only keys I didn't roll because I was worried about locking users out accidentally. I'd just try to revert to the old values for now

ok just rolled our creds.

any other instance admins feel free to reach out to me if you're having issues with the key change process!

@href @feld

but so so easy to check for: add canary values in your env files and grep for the canary in artifacts during the integration builds and testing.

to me, mastodon still feels like a project intended to be used (read deployed and maintained) with runbooks instead of fully automated processes and this kind of error is the price you pay for that decision IMO

we're on 2.4.0rc3 now, you will need to log in again later when I roll these keys

mastodon having its usual code quality issues, we leaked tons of secret env vars in some random javascript file, no improper access from what I've seen in the centralized logs but defintely had these values accessed so rolling everything anyways

@JordiGH in any case, ads are out and outrage marketing is in, it's 2018 not 2012

@JordiGH the irony of linking a puff piece ad article to shit on ads πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

@JordiGH yeah we run a little janky sometimes, i'll look into the errors

expanse season 3 tonight!

cool space opera if you're into that stuff

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