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There are some stylesheet issues on the landing page buttons but I don't have any more time to mess with them for now

just a heads up, gonna take this instance up to the latest version later this week

What is consciousness, and could machines have it?

This article is a great overview to the computational consciousness perspective, get it off sci-hub if you don't have journal access!

I read the warren v. district columbia decision a few days ago and I can't stop thinking about it

alright we're on 1.6.1 now, sorry for the delay and thanks @kunev for the reminder :P

your daily reminder that all models are incorrect

Rick and Morty is the best 20 minutes of television that's ever been produced

going to bring us up to 1.6 in a couple days, would do sooner but I'm currently traveling and wan't to be able to watch the site appropriately in case there are any issues post upgrade that require manual attention.

prevention steps for the future: added an additional node to the cluster, upped the replica count for sidekiq and streaming to 2 for better redundancy against single node failure. I have a generic monitoring/alerting solution written out, but haven't yet deployed it on this cluster, oops! Will get that deployed so I get better mobile downtime alerts on triggers like frequent pod restarts, 0 available replicas in a set, or no endpoints for a critical service.

and we're alive again. Finally caught what I believe was thrashing the nodes: "find /mastodon -path /mastodon/public/system -prune -o -not -user mastodon -not -group mastodon -print0 | xargs -0 chown -f mastodon:mastodon" in the entrypoint script.


honestly people trying to sell usernames on mastodon instances will never not be funny

Alright this instance is now up to date on 1.4.6

I'll continue updating as seems prudent, still noticing lots of goofy QC issues in masto generally so we'll likely stay behind the bleeding edge intentionally to continue giving bugs time to shake out before I update.

@sull @sovereign_bleak Screencast of the update process/kube tour is online finally. I was putting this off until I had more time to polish and edit a recording, but it doesn't look like that time is going to materialize anytime soon so a rough cut is all I can give for now:

cryptocoins markets getting really crazy these last few weeks, take a peek at the global market cap chart if you haven't in a month or two:

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