"Install 9front" is the superior version of "install gentoo"

I love this post:

"When we first approached hardware manufacturers almost two years ago with this project most of them instantly said “No, sorry, impossible, we can not help you.”. Others warned us, that it could never work, that it was too complicated, “the industry does not do that” and so forth.

And yet here we are, later than we wanted, but we are actually shipping first hardware! It is possible but it comes at a price." #Librem5


“Whether you think the W3C's moral drift over 25 years is good, bad, or merely inevitable, one point is beyond dispute: that it happened under the reign of Berners-Lee.”

@sir just pre-ordered a Pinephone. I use sway religiously on my laptop. I can see you've opened an issue for implementing touch gestures. Is this in your timeline? I'm very excited about such a future.

Nothing feels better than publishing the first release of a thing you made on a Friday night:

Meet docker-backup, a tool to create & restore complete, self-contained backups of #docker containers.

Helps you copy & clone containers to other hosts, as well as managing your daily container backups:


I would have preferred for Microsoft to open-source Edge rather than abandon it and jump to chromium

"We already lost the mobile world for a duopoly of Apple and Google, now we’re losing the desktop most used application, the Web Browser, to a monopoly from Google again, how much control do you want that company to have over the future of the Web?"


@emacsel Your security certificate is expired and it’s messing with AntennaPod

What if history was written and rewritten by an invisible hand across time and nothing proven could stay?

@sharktopus Tried to upload pic of my sick crop top but it failed :-/


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